Locks and security solutions for healthcare facilities


ASSA ABLOY door opening solutions for the healthcare sector includes: eletromechanical locks, anti-bacterial lever, access control system, master key system, automatic doors and tailor-made high security cabinet

Emergency exits

Emergency exits and panic exit devices must comply with regulations and ensure safe exit during extreme situations while also helping to secure access to the building and retain secure entry in non-emergency situations. Intelligent panic exits and devices, for example, protect people and property during emergencies and at all other times.

Main entrances

The main entrance door of a hospital or clinic should be able to absorb high levels of traffic, regulate temperature, enable handicap access and facilitate exit during an emergency. Door automation products such as automatic revolving doors, swing or sliding doors or air curtains are the best answer for meeting these requirements.

Patient rooms

Patients’ rooms experience a lot of traffic from visitors, doctors and nurses. Door hardware, such as door handles with anti-microbial surface treatments can help limit the spread of microbes. Touchless sensor, locks and access control systems with panic exit devices can be added for security and convenience in dementia wards for example.

Pharmacy & imaging rooms

With regulated narcotics and dangerous substances on premise, pharmacies require a combination of high-level theft resistance and restrictive access control. Access control systems, using smart cards or other credentials, do not only ensure that the right people have access, but can log the number of events, which can be trailed in case of a problem.

Surgical units

In a continuous fight against microbes, it is essential that surgeons’ hands do not come in contact with handles or doors before operation. Using automatic doors such as sliding doors with sensors or elbow switches are just some of the ways to meet these challenges. Doors that provide hermetically sealed environments are another example.