Lock and security solutions for casinos & gaming facilities

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Each casino possesses a large amount of cash flow in daily basis – that’s why it attracts burglars to break in & steal the processions from casinos. Therefore, casinos & gaming facilities have a great need for flexible lock and intensive security solutions. Whether physical or logical access control, solutions must be future-proof and provide high degrees of protection.

Main entrances

The main entrance may include a physical access component through an automated door opening such as an automatic sliding, revolving or swinging door. Electronic access control systems can be added to tailor security levels to suit different times. They can also be integrated with surveillance cameras and security systems controlled from a central point, logging the details of visitors who have entered.

Gaming Floor

There are hundred thousands of people walking through the gaming floor every day. The security has to access so many doors to reach different places. It is a challenge to have real time reporting of access control and system that support instant change of access right so that the security surveillance team can react quickly when incident happens. 

Electronic Access Control

From patented key systems to full-features, online integrated locksets, ASSA ABLOY offers access control solutions tailored to the unique locking needs of each opening. Work with an Intelligent Openings consultative expert to help find the best possible product or solution to your security challenges.

Emergency exits

An emergency exit or panic exit device must allow fast and efficient evacuation during emergency circumstances, and but still remain an important part of the building’s primary security by restricting access or ensuring entry at all other times. Stringent requirements for emergency evacuation and fire safety mean there is a high demand for security and steel doors.


PROTEC² CLIQ programmable cylinders, padlocks and battery-powered keys in use. Comprehensive audit trails for every cylinder, padlock and key are now available on demand, so monitoring the frequency of contractors and other keyholders who visit the sites is easy. Limiting user access permissions to precise time periods is also easy.

Mandatory weekly key revalidation provides yet another layer of security. Furthermore, users now need only one single programmable key, cutting down on costs and waste and further increasing security, convenience and confidence in the new locking solutions.

Weatherproofed locks

With weatherproofed locks and padlocks, CLIQ locking solution can lock almost any opening, making it much more adaptable than other electronic access control systems. Five Eau de Valence keys are also equipped with CLIQ Connect technology, so supervisors can update the access rights of workers on the move, via Bluetooth and the CLIQ Connect app, if a problem arises when they’re away from base.

Traka Key Management Solutions

Traka’s proven and reliable solutions enable you to better manage access to your keys, laptops, tablets, specialized equipment, vehicle fleet and cash. See why casinos around the world are trusting Traka to take the gamble out of key management.

  • Control and define access restrictions to facility keys and areas for better security and theft prevention
  • Require multi-level authorization in order to release critical keys
  • Report key usage, identify when keys are taken and returned, and by whom
  • Automatically alert when keys are not returned on time

Equipment Management Solutions

Traka bridges the gap in many security strategies, providing automated, controlled access to keys, radios, laptops, tablets, vehicles, specialized devices and more. Through our electronic key cabinets and intelligent lockers every activity is recorded, generating more responsible users, and complete visibility for your protected items.

  • Manager and control the use of laptops, tablets, radios, tools and specialized equipment
  • Secured items in our intelligent lockers and automatically distribute to authorized users
  • Choose who has access to money and other valuable assets