Moving Forward with Sustainable Action

Much strength stems from taking responsibility for the role that we play not only in the global economy but in the global environment.

ASSA ABLOY’s mission to guarantee safety and security to homes, communities, and workplaces is founded with a commitment to core values that will serve to enhance and support our global environmental endeavors.

Sustainability as Strategy

With the rise of environmental concerns and resource consumption, we recognize how important it is for businesses to develop products that incorporate energy-saving techniques while maintaining product leadership. We believe that with the right approach to sustainability, we can create an improved growth strategy that will be invaluable to propelling our long-term growth.

By doing more work with fewer resources, we strive to strengthen ASSA ABLOY’s foothold in the global economy and ensure that our business is conducted in an ethical, compliant, and sustainable way.

Strides in sustainability

Recently, we have made significant developments with new sustainability products, improved water efficiency, and energy efficiency. We also offer a growing range of products with Environmental Product Declarations, verifying 332 declarations in 2018. By investing in green buildings, we respond directly to customer demands for energy-saving, reduced material consumption, and improved health and safety.

In 2018, the Group saw a 10% decrease in water intensity and a 5% decrease in energy intensity. We also conducted 1,055 sustainability audits of suppliers in low-cost countries, and owing to our focus on health and safety, we managed to decrease the injury rate by 11%.

What lies ahead

In the current global economy, more and more individuals and families are moving to urban centers, meaning investments in advanced access solutions in homes, workplaces, and communities will become ever more important.

By 2020, ASSA ABLOY aims to reduce waste generation and water intensity, improve energy efficiency, and increase the usage of renewable energy all by 20% each. Through increased digitization, resource reduction, and climate-smart technologies, we intend to serve the energy-saving needs of customers, society, and the global environment.