Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters



The Hong Kong Red Cross (Hong KongRC) has been serving in Hong Kong since 1950. In 2015/16, the official opening of our headquarters starts a new chapter of the Hong KongRC. Situated in West Kowloon, the 11-storey building is more than an office. Based on the concept of an all-round and comprehensive humanitarian platform, the Hong KongRC headquarters adopted a simplistic and pragmatic style. Aspired to realize the vision of “Bond with Blood Go for Humanity”, the building offers diversified services and facilities. It also operates as a base to gather devoted people with various talent and resources to contribute to the progression of humanitarian work.

Not only does the headquarters represent a milestone of the Hong KongRC but also symbolizes accomplishment of the historical mission of the old headquarters in Admiralty. Constrained by limited space, the old headquarters was unable to facilitate the rapid humanitarian services expansion in recent years. Under a non-in-situ land exchange arrangement of the government, the Hong KongRC headquarters was relocated to its new premise in West Kowloon. With the generous support of different parties in society, a Hong Kong$400 million donation was collected for the redevelopment project. Upon completion of the headquarters, service units gradually settled in and commenced operation in phases. The Hong KongRC will continue to proactively promote the overall good of the community, cater for the needs of society and provide appropriate assistance to people in need locally and abroad.