Airports security is a sophisticated business


A history of cooperation

Germany’s Stuttgart Airport services over nine million passengers on 60 different airlines each year. The airport first began working with Group company, IKON in 1977 after construction of their air cargo building.

IKON works closely with Stuttgart Airport who continuously orders cylinders for new doors and applications. Since their cooperation began, IKON has upgraded the airport’s mechanical locks to standardize various existing systems and to provide a single master key in case of emergencies.

Meet new requirements

Mechanical locking solutions still remain an important tool for protecting the Stuttgart Airport against intrusion. However, as new requirements emerge the airport may demand a more advanced combination of electronic and mechanical components.

The challenge for IKON going forward will be to introduce electromechanical solutions that integrate seamlessly into the airport’s organization and with their existing system.

Security for an entire airport

Group company, IKON was chosen by Stuttgart Airport because it was a reliable partner and could supply cylinders to an entire airport. Throughout the years IKON has exchanged hundreds of existing cylinders and developed a master key plan encompassing all of Stuttgart Airport.

The current locking system includes about 28,500 cylinders and 47,000 keys which secure all doors, cabinets containing technical equipment, inspection chambers, management systems and even the conveyor belts.


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