Companhia de Electricidade de Macau


Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) is a public utility company with the sole concession to transmit, distribute and sell electricity in Macau. The Macau electricity transmission network comprises 22 primary substations and 6 high-voltage switching stations.


CEM has used ABLOY mechanical lock for many years and the management noticed that there should be an improvement on the existing security system. After reviewing the system, CEM finds the risk of losing key is very high so this is the key issue to be solved. Furthermore, CEM also wants to improve the operation efficiency via the new security solution.



In order to enhance the level of security and manpower management, ASSA ABLOY Hong Kong provided ABLOY CLIQ Cylinder  to CEM to lower the wastage of manpower by controlling the keys' permit via a computer rather than assigning a staff to open the door for sub-contractors. This reduce the manpower and their workload because they do not have to bring so many keys or walk forth & back to get the keys. In addition, the usage of ABLOY CLIQ Cylinder also  improves  the safety of the stations by monitoring and recording staff's access to different sub-stations through the system. It helps to lower the report of lost key significantly.