Hong Kong Disneyland - Iron Man Experience


The first Marvel attraction featuring Iron Man to Hong Kong Disneyland, which include a storyline that takes place in the streets and skies of Hong Kong. The new attraction consists of three main parts, including an exhibition area with the ride, an interactive photo booth and a souvenir shop.


Iron Man Experience is a newly launched facilities in Hong Kong Disneyland. There are two main challenges in this project, Saftey & Accurancy.

Same as other theme parks, Disneyland values a lot on the players' safety so all the exist doors and devices used in this project must be tested and certified by accreditated oraginization.

Apart from the safety issue, we need system accurancy in order to demostrate the uniqueness of this attraction to the participants. There are multiple rooms in this facilities and tourists have to pass through the door to different rooms at the same time. To sum up, 50 doors will be opened at the same time to let different groups switching rooms.



ASSA ABLOY Hong Kong provided the automatic doors to this attraction and all the door locks imported from United Status and Finland. The products mentioned are accredited by authorised organizations to ensure the safety issue.

Apart from the safety, ASSA ABLOY strives to be the best and provide accurate system to client. We have tested the 50 doors opening time for many rounds and after the long and exhausted testings, we find the pattern of the door opening time without any significant time delay.