Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Eastern Medical Centre


Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (HKSH) is an internationally recognized hospital dedicated to using advanced medical technology to provide their patients with the best possible care. The group strived to expand their quality healthcare service in Island East so they bought some properties that located in the industrial area near Shau Kei Wan and transformed the godown into a medical centre to provide all-round medical service hub to the local community.


ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Hong Kong is proud to be part of this project. Safety is the top priority in this project and thus our team offers the most reliable and secure products to HKSH. We provided ASSA ABLOY ironmongery to most entrances and rooms such as administration office, general consultation rooms, laboratories, pharmacy and X-ray rooms. Due to health and safety requirement, the x-ray room must be sealed to avoid leaking any radiation to people outside the room. Therefore, we offer the face fixing pull handles for the lead line door of the X-ray rooms. The advantage of this type of handle is that there is no hole on external parts so it will not leak any radiation outside the room. This product is ideal for hospital or radiation hazard rooms.



The Eastern Medical Centre provides one-stop healthcare service so different divisions and departments will station in the same building. There are about 1,000 doors in total and more than 400 doors in the building that require access control so we provided quality ASSA ABLOY EN lock with fire certificate under EN1634-1 for these doors.

Each division requires different level of security so we have to provide comprehensive solutions to fulfil each department’s need. High security is required for the VIP rooms, server rooms, laboratories and pharmacy. AAHK proposed ASSA ABLOY’s lock case to those special rooms. ABLOY’s Protect2 system is a high security system combining with the durable patent cylinder that support the Master Key System. HKSH decided to choose our locks because they believe the system could provide lots of convenience as well as maintaining high degree of security in long run. The group is still working on another healthcare building next to this site and the management wish to apply the same master key system in their future hospital development so the security team just need to carry one single key to control different entrances in both buildings. In addition, this can greatly lower the workload of the security team and senior management, because they do not need to keep so many keys and worry about key duplication of cut keys. Another highlight of this product is the master key system; it is able to trace the time and key number that has been duplicated by the user. As this is the patent high security cylinder, key duplication can only be provided with letter of Authorisation under authorised person’s signature. Unauthorised key duplication could not be allowed.

Apart from generate lock case and handles, automatic swing door and safety sensor are widely used in hospitals because of hygienic purposes. ASSA ABLOY Hong Kong offers ABLOY’s Swing Door operator to HKSH for major entrances in lobby and each level. ABLOY’s Swing Door system is safe and powerful. The model used in this project are DA005 & DA006 and both models obtained EN16005 safety level and EN1634-1 fire test resistance standard with low energy function. Do not under estimate the Swing Door operator; it can lift up heavy door up to 350 kg.

HKSH is using competitor’s door closer & ironmongery in the hospital located at Happy Valley. However, after a thorough discussion with our sales team and experiencing the convenience and compliance of our products, HKSH decided to go for ASSA ABLOY because we are able to provide comprehensive and trust-worthy opening solution to their healthcare facility. In addition, our technical team’s detailed-mind support is also a crucial factor that led to the win. HKSH hired many different architects and interior designers to participate in this project so our team have shown great patience and willingness to spend extra time with each architect or designer in order to provide products that fulfil their design. In this case, ASSA ABLOY tailor-made some special pull handles finishing for HKSH’s VIP rooms to echo the luxurious interior design and create a warm environment to the patient.

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Hong Kong is looking forward to the future development with HKSH and the architects & designers who participate in the future project. We are also eager to share our experience and provide professional security solutions to other leading medical groups within the Greater Bay Area.