YTP2/26/216 - Yale Colored Clip On Luggage TSA Lock (Red/Grey/Yellow/Pink/Blue/Orange/Emerald)

Official TSA Locks® for travel 

TSA is the Transport Security administration of the USA. TSA-recognized locks incorporate a security system from Travel Sentry,® which enables security personnel to examine the contents of your luggage without forcing your lock or damaging your bag. Your bags can then be re-locked and sent quickly on their way. Yale Travel TSA Locks® all incorporate Travel Sentry® technology for maximum peace of mind on the move.

This travel padlock secures your luggage by locking the zips together. A recognizable colour makes your luggage easy to find on the carousel.

Features & Benefits
- TSA recognized lock
- Tough & solid metal frame
- Durable soft touch coating
- 3 digit combination can be reset whenever you wish
- Easily identifiable luggage
- Available colors: Red, Grey, Red, Pink, Orange, Emerald, Blue

If security personnel need to inspect your bag, they no longer need to cut your locks or force your bags open and risk damaging them. Locks that carry the Travel Sentry® logo allow security personnel to open your locks and re-lock your bags, sending them quickly on their way.

This product has been designed and tested to meet the strict Yale Performance Standards. Guaranteed for 5 years against faulty materials and workmanship.