YP2/23/128 - Yale Colored Luggage 3-digit Cominbation Lock (Red/Grey/Yellow/Pink/blue/Orange/Emerald) 23mm

Our new range has been designed to be easy on the eye, in the hand - and on your luggage!
In vibrant, easy-to-spot colours and produced in solid, moulded metal, Yale Travel Locks are shaped to feel soft in the hand. Soft-coated wire shackles prevent damage to bags, and fit easily through the zipper-eyes. The padlock codes are easy for you to set, and just as simple to re-set. For transatlantic travellers.

This travel padlock secures your luggage by locking the zips together. A recognizable colour makes your luggage easy to find on a luggage carousel.

Features & Benefits
- tough solid metal body
- 3 digit combination can be reset whenever you wish
- easily identifiable luggage
- Available colors: Grey, Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange, Emerald, Blue

This product has been designed and tested to meet the strict Yale Performance Standards. Guaranteed for 5 years against faulty materials and workmanship.