Y120D/60 - Yale Silver Series Dimple-Keyed padlock 60mm

Yale Y120D Padlock Series

-1-pc pack and 2-pcs pack, standard shackle sizes.

-Base on current Yale Y120 padlock design

-Satin chromed-plated finishes and Boron shackles

-Suitable for both indoor and outdoor conditions


• Same body and shackle dimension as of current Y120 series

• Brass padlock with chrome finish and boron steel shackle

• Double latch locking mechanism

• Reversible dimple key (5 keys per pack)

• Anti picking cylinder 

• 6 pins (serviceable with Yale 1000-series cylinder*)

• With Key Card to indicate the key code

 Strength rating: 5/6, Corrosion rating: 3