YE1/60 - Yale Essential Series Indoor Brass Standard Shackle Padlock 60mm


Essential Brass Series offer basic security performances for indoor and general daily application. They comes with comprehensive body and shackle sizes.

Features and Benefits
- Body material: Solid Brass
- Shackle material: Chrome-plated Hardened Steel
- No of keys: 3
- Anti-pull double locking latch (sizes of 30mm or above)
- Suitable for locker, cabinet, luggage and entrance

Available Body Width:
20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60mm

Complete range of 11 various shackle sizes:

1) Standard Shackle
YE1/20/111/1, YE1/25/113/1, YE1/30/115/1, YE1/40/122/1,
YE1/50/126/1, YE1/60/132/1

2) Long Shackle
YE1/30/132/1, YE1/40/140/1, YE1/50/166/1

3) Extra-long Shackle
YE1/30/147/1,  YE1/40/152/1