YUL1/12/20/1 - Yale Maximum Security U Bicycle Lock 12mm

Offering the maximum level of security, Yale offers two U-shaped locks.  This is ideal for two-wheelers where the risk of theft is high.  Hardened steel shackle with the semi-translucent PVC sleeve won't scratch the bicycle when putting it on or taking it off.

Features and Benefits
- Steel barrel with PP housing
- Hardened steel with PVC jacket
- Disc cylinder with 2 keys
- Strength rating: 6

- Diameter of shackle (without sleeve): 12mm
- Shackle clearance: 198mm (height), 108mm (width)
- Body (WxHxD): 178x32x33mm

- also provide 16mm shackle diameter
- Model number "YUL2/16/20/1"
 Shackle clearance: 205mm (height), 103mm (width)
- Body (WxHxD): 185x36x37mm