The value of any product is equal to the quality of the labor and materials put into making it. And the Yale® 8800 series mortise lock is a perfect example that true quality doesn’t just happen.

Meticulous design and engineering have gone into manufacturing a mortise lock that brings you versatility as well as uncompromising strength and durability. With quick lever handing and a quick reversible latchbolt, lockset handing takes only seconds. Add a standard non-handed curved lip strike, and you have a no-hassle mortise lock that’s quick and easy to install. When it comes to strength, the Yale® 8800 series brings a new measure of security to the door. Its 1" throw stainless steel deadbolt extends further back into the reinforced steel case when in the locked position, providing added stability and resistance to abuse. Solid trim packages also provide deterrence to vandalism, making the 8800 series a prime player in your total opening security package.

The Yale 8800 series mortise lock is available in the trim finishes as listed. All knobs, lever handles, roses, escutcheons, cylinder collars and other exposed parts are fabricated of either brass, bronze, stainless steel or zinc and will be compatible with the finish ordered. When ordering, specify the finish required by the ANSI/BHMA Code Number only. When locksets are ordered with different trim finishes on each side, specify the outside finish first, i.e. COR8817-2 x 612 x 625. The front and strike finish will match the inside finish unless specified otherwise.

8800 Series Catalogue