The brand philosophy of Valli&Valli aims to integrate the handle as a natural furniture's complement, that can be perceived as a classic and modern item at same time V&V handle represent an endless style of design that can fit with any trend. The range of handles, knobs and pull handles V&V includes two types: handles for opening: doors/windows and fittings for furniture.

85 years of history and design

Our handles arise from sensitivity and inspiration that come from great talents and world-famous architects.

We'd like to celebrate with you our Valli&Valli's anniversary.

85 years of history, 85 years of design excellence, 85 years of Made-in-Italy quality, and share the origin and success of our timeless heritage.

Experience, research, design, functionality, industrial process control and great attention to environment have always been guidelines for the creation of our "art objects".

Valli & Valli Catalogue 2021