9800 series
9800 series
9800 series
9800 series
9400 series
9400 series

Offerings include mortise, surface and concealed vertical rods and rim devices in mechanical and electrified functions. All SARGENT concealed vertical rod exit devices are now available without a bottom rod!


  • Security: multiple security features provide additional resistance against vandalism and unauthorized entry
  • Ease of Install: Modular components and robust design allow for a quick and easy installation.
  • Aesthetics: Attractive, minimalist design featuring many levers and architectural finishes to blend with any decor

Features of 90 Series Exit Devices

  • Full line of exit devices offering a selection of both wide and narrow stile exit devices, including concealed and surface vertical rods, rim and mortise
  • Maximum 4-1/2" (114mm) projection, minimum 2-3/4" (70mm) dogged
  • All sargent exit devices can be masterkeyed or grand masterkeyed with any other Sargent product
  • All crossbar assemblies are brass, bronze, stainless steel, or steel (see specific device)
  • Stainless steel springs throughout
  • Trim is through-bolted
  • UL listed
  • UL listed to canadia safety standards
  • All fire exit hardware for hollow metal door applications listed up to 3 hours (A label) (Double doors require astragal)
  • All fire exit hardware for wood door applications listed up to 1-1/2 hour (B label) except where noted
90 Series Catalogue