Ideal for applications that face high abuse, heavy traffic or strong winds, stops and holders protect the door, frame and other hardware.

Checkmate® overhead stops and holders are used to extend the life of the door, frame and any door closing devices. They may be necessary if there are strong winds, high traffic or abuse.

  • When used in conjunction with a floor closer, you have absolute door control, top and bottom 
  • Provides positive deadstop at selected degree 
  • There are three functions, four ways to order
    1) Friction Stay – used on doors without closers to keep doors open
    2) Hold Open – door remains held open near deadstop location
    3) Stops – door deadstops at a particular degree of opening
    4) Multi Function – adaptable as hold open and/or stops 
  • Available as surface mounted or concealed 
  • Standard mount on push side of door (see model descriptions for pull side installations) 
  • Thru bolts are furnished with all surface models and must be used for installation.
Checkmate Stops & Holders