There are lots of access solutions for our Smart Turnstile, customer could choose to use facial recognition camera, mobile app, QR code or staff card to access the entrances.

Product Features

Material: Stainless steel
Material thickness: Machine: 1.5mm / Cover: 3.0 mm
Size: 1600 mm×200 mm×1020 mm
Corridor width: <930mm
Turnstile length: <440mm
Turnstile material: Tempered glass / Acrylic
Type: Standard / Collision avoidance
Input voltage: AC220V
Control board voltage: DC24V
Control signal: Relay signal input
Indicator light: Green light for passing, Red light is forbidden
Light power: DC12V±5%
Speed: 35 people per minute
Card reader position: Custom made
Open & Closing time: Adjustable
Access solution: IC card / fingerprint / facial recognition / QR code
Max.power consumption: 50W
Water & dust resistant: IP54
Operating temperature: -15℃~60℃
Relative humidity: 90%, Non-condensing

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