Access control and identification

ASSA ABLOY is at the very forefront of electronic access control systems using innovative technology.

Access control systems by ASSA ABLOY enable administrators to control access to secure areas through physical, logical, electronic, offline, online and wireless access control solutions. Access control is the ideal way of overcoming the challenges posed by a high turnover of people entering or exiting any facility.

Through ASSA ABLOY’s technologies, which have been developed for both standalone systems as well as open standard products that integrate with existing access control systems, access can be controlled for any facility, even from a remote location, increasing security and convenience.

Some of ASSA ABLOY's electronic access control solutions include Aperio – a innovative technology that enables doors with mechanical locks to be wirelessly linked to existing access control system without any need to modify or replace the door – and Hi-O, which connected electronic door components such as ID controllers, door operators and electric locks together over a controller area network (CAN).

Other solutions include Smartair, incorporating the latest in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. CLIQ is an advanced and flexible standalone electro mechanical high-security masterkey system and CLIQ Remote allows control and management of the access control from a location other than where the access control is installed.

The demand for products with RFID technology like Smartair is growing. ASSA ABLOY products based on RFID are enabling better end-user services and improving information management for operators in market segments ranging from hospitality and education to e-government and contactless payment.

ASSA ABLOY Group company HID Global is leading the way in terms of secure identity solutions and contactless smart card technology for physical access control.